ENOA Project: LOD Music Theatre, Ghent, Belgium

Last week I participated in a project run by ENOA (European Network of Opera Academies) in association with LOD Music Theater and VocaalLab in Ghent, Belgium. Ten composers participated and we were asked to write three pieces prior to arriving in Ghent of varying instrumentation. My three pieces were:

  1. Solo Soprano, How Many Moments Must
  2. Mezzo Soprano and Paetzold Recorder, Recollection
  3. Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone and Bass Viol, Motet for the Epiphany

The purpose of the project was to explore contemporary vocal techniques with the added bonus of working with period instrumentalist Eva Reiter. Eva plays Contrabass Paetzold recorder and Bass Viol, both of which I really enjoyed exploring. The Contrabass Paetzold recorder has both an interesting appearance and sound quality. It is particularly good at percussive sounds and is often written for in conjunction with electronics.

I will be posting the recordings of my pieces on my SoundCloud page and on here very soon.