The Journey Between Us

The Journey Between Us is a music-theatre piece conceived as a dialogue between music and narrative stories. The music forms an imaginative framework and response to the stories; without being merely a soundtrack, it provides points of reflection within the performance. The music encourages the audience to make connections between the stories and their shared themes. Both the music and the stories have their own separate coherence but by inhabiting the stage together the audience is taken on a journey that traverses both worlds: the literary and the musical.

Samantha Fernando: New work (World premiere)
Short Stories:
Raymond Carver: What we talk about when we talk about love
Jhumpa Lahiri: A temporary matter
Lydia Davis: The silence of Mrs Iln
Lydia Davis: Lost things


Personal, compelling and deeply powerful, four short stories traverse the challenges of personal relationships in modern life.

A new work by RPS award-winning composer Samantha Fernando intersperses the words, giving space for a different kind of listening. Retreat inside your own world and let the musical interludes add depths of meaning to the stories.


Samantha Fernando’s work has been commissioned by London Sinfonietta Entrepreneurs Michael & Patricia McLaren-Turner and an Elliott Carter legacy.

Blue Touch Paper projects are supported by London Sinfonietta Entrepreneur Anthony Mackintosh and the Garrick Charitable Trust.

Thursday 11 – Friday 12 February 2016


Southwark Playhouse


London Sinfonietta
Geoffrey Paterson conductor
Lisa Dwan reader

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